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Are you looking for cost-effective, engaging ways to market your business? There are plenty of traditional methods to choose from, including mailers, radio ads, and even billboards. If you want to reach a large audience for a small investment, however, you should consider commercial vehicle wraps.  

We design and install commercial vehicle wraps for businesses throughout Apple Valley, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding areas:

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What is a Commercial Vehicle Wrap?

If you’ve been out on the road today, you’ve probably seen a commercial vehicle wrap. Unlike commercial vehicles with a painted business name or older vehicles with peel-and-stick lettering, a commercial wrap utilizes custom designs to market a particular business’s products or services. Designs are printed on high-quality vinyl, then cut and adhered to your commercial vehicles. As your employees and service providers drive to projects and appointments, they’ll actually be advertising your business along the way!

Everything from the design itself to the size and scale of the wrap are customizable. Many business owners opt for a partial wrap or spot wrap, which covers smaller sections of the commercial vehicle. Others choose to go big, covering the entire vehicle in a full wrap of eye-catching designs. One-way-vision options are also available, creating images on windows that can only be seen on the outside, allowing for safety and full view for the driver inside.

Commercial vehicle wraps become moving advertisements for your business. If you or your employees drive throughout the day, you could likely benefit from commercial vehicle wraps. Common industries include:

  • Delivery drivers for restaurants, packages, dry cleaning, etc.
  • Mobile car detailers
  • Food trucks
  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractors
  • Child care providers
  • Pool technicians
  • Housekeeping companies and janitorial service providers

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How Can a Commercial Vehicle Wrap Benefit Your Business?

Commercial vehicle wrapping provides unique advertising opportunities that traditional methods just don’t offer. Print media, for example, might be effective in grabbing the attention of potential customers, but targeting the right customers can be challenging. Radio and TV ads help to build brand awareness, but they are cost-prohibitive to many businesses. Fortunately, commercial vehicle wraps are effective in terms of cost and return on investment.

When you choose to turn your commercial vehicles into mobile advertisements, you can expect to:

  • Help your business stand out — Unlike mailers and email campaigns that can go unopened, anyone that shares the road with your commercial vehicles is sure to see your brand! Because vehicle wraps tend to be more colorful and eye-catching than traditional commercial vehicle paint jobs, they’ll be more memorable, as well.
  • Reach a larger audience — Billboards are known for their ability to be seen by large numbers of people every day, but they are stationary, and will only reach potential customers that drive that particular road. Commercial vehicle wraps go wherever your employees go, from your business to clients, and everywhere along the way. Even as your truck sits in a driveway or parking lot, it’s reaching future customers.
  • Increase sales — As with most advertising, the more people reached, the more sales you can expect. As you drive from service call to service call, you’ll build brand awareness. When people in the community need the services you provide, they’ll know exactly who to call.
  • Avoid aggressive advertising tactics — Robo-calls and door knocking might help increase awareness of your business, but they could also be turning potential customers off. Vehicle wraps serve as low pressure advertising that is engaging without being intrusive.
  • Save money — Many forms of advertising involve recurring costs. In order to continue mailing flyers or running radio ads, you will need to continue paying for them. Commercial vehicle wraps are a one-time investment with a long term payoff. In fact, you can expect vehicle wraps to last anywhere from 5 to 8 years, so you can continue advertising well into the future.
  • Completely customize your designs — You have full control over the size, scale, and design of your commercial vehicle wraps. Whether you want to cover your entire van in bright patterns or you want to add your business information to your truck’s back windows, the decision is yours.
  • Protect your vehicles — The high-quality vinyl used to wrap your commercial vehicles can actually protect them from paint chips and dings. Wraps can also be completely removed and swapped out in the future without damage to the vehicle’s exterior.

Why Use Brand Command?

As a business owner, you’ve invested a lot in your commercial vehicles, and you want to be sure that your investment is protected. At Brand Command, we are committed to providing you with a professional, positive experience from providing you with a quote to handing you the keys.

Communication is important, and we provide you with a project manager to assist you along the way. Our team will ensure that you’re satisfied with the design before we go to print. Your wraps will be printed on the highest quality vinyl and applied by our experienced technicians. The finished product will be vivid and weather resistant, so it looks great now and for years to come.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to advertise all over your community. Contact us today at 952-715-9727 or click the button below for a free quote.

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