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Wall Murals for Your Business from Brand Command

Are you a business owner looking to upgrade your office or retail space? Brand Command can turn your blank canvas into a work of art with commercial wall murals! Whether you want to cultivate creativity for your employees or welcome customers to your store in a unique way, our designers can create the perfect wall graphics for your commercial space.

We are the premier choice when it comes to wall wrap design for businesses in Minneapolis, Apple Valley, St.Paul, and surrounding areas. We can turn your plain-Jane walls into something that’s eye-catching and delivers your brand’s message throughout the building.

We guarantee that our wraps won’t damage any walls. We can design your wall wrap to be permanent or temporary. Our professionals can help create a cohesive piece that brings your vision to life. Contact someone on our team today and let us help get your message across.

We design and installwall murals & wraps for businesses throughout Apple Valley, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding areas:

Our well-equipped staff is waiting to help you turn your blank walls into an amazing canvas that catches the eye of current and potential customers. We will help create a cohesive piece that reinforces your vision and brings your brand’s message together.

What are Commercial Wall Murals?

For generations, businesses have turned the blank space on their exterior walls into colorful advertisements. Recently, however, more and more business owners are choosing to bring that trend inside. The result is eye-catching art that reflects the brand’s style, defines unique spaces, and promotes positivity for both employees and guests.

Traditional murals are painted directly onto the walls for a classic, artistic look. Today, murals can be designed on the computer and printed into large adhesive panels. Not only do these commercial wall wraps cut down on installation time, they can also incorporate more detailed graphics. Photos can even be added for a more modern look.

Commercial wall murals can be seen in:

  • Retail shops
  • Corporate offices
  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • And more!

Not sure how to best utilize commercial wall wraps in your space? Brand Command can assist you in creating an impactful design that will grab the attention of anyone that walks by. The possibilities and designs are endless!

Time To Wrap That Blank Wall In Something Amazing!

How Can Wall Murals Benefit Your Business?

A great way to advertise for instore promotions or events are wall murals and wraps. Whether you have a new product launching, a sale going on, or an event coming up; wall murals from Brand Command are the way to go! We create designs that are custom to fit your business needs.

Wall Murals and Wraps are an effective way to market your business. Benefits include:

  • Customization — Your business is unique, and your commercial wall mural should reflect that. Brand Command wall murals are completely customizable. Choose a wall, and we’ll work with you to create a colorful, one-of-a-kind piece of art that reinforces brand values, fosters creativity, or provides valuable information to customers. Our goal is to bring your vision to life.

  • Update Your Workspace In order to retain valuable employees, it’s important to foster a positive workplace for them. When you update a sterile office into a colorful, interactive workspace, job satisfaction and productivity can increase, as well!

  • Mural Marketing Just as billboards are designed to bring customers into your store, a memorable mural may keep those customers coming back. Brand Command offers design services to help you create effective art that incorporates your business’s unique products and services.

  • Professional Appearance Customers don’t want to fall in love with a new deli that could go out of business next month or a dental practice that looks like they just moved into the building. A commercial wall mural can give a more professional, established feel to a business. This reassures customers that you’ll be a part of the community for years to come.  

  • Define Spaces Whether you own a boutique, a bookstore, or even a museum, it can be important to define distinct spaces within the walls of your business. Rather than hanging signs, which can be easily overlooked, consider a mural to direct people to the unique sections of your space in a more creative way.

Why Use Brand Command?

There’s no reason wall murals should stay on the outside of your business. With Brand Command, it’s never been easier to bring high-quality, artistic murals to the walls of your retail or office space. Our designers are passionate about turning your vision into attention-grabbing graphics that can help market your business, define spaces, and create a more established feel.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial wall murals. We look forward to working with you!

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