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Fleet Vehicle Wraps from Brand Command

Are you looking for a way to promote your business and reach customers throughout your city? Fleet wraps may be the way to go. With Brand Command fleet vehicle wrapping, you’ll have high-quality, cost-effective advertisements that will get the community’s attention, even when you’re stuck in traffic!

We create custom fleet wraps that stand out for businesses throughout Minneapolis, Apple Valley, St. Paul & surrounding areas:

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What is a Fleet Vehicle Wrap?

Fleet wraps turn your vehicles into effective marketing tools for your business. Your custom designs can contain your logo, promote products, and even drive people to your website. They are printed on heavy vinyl sheets, then cut, stretched, and adhered to fleet vehicles.

Once your custom fleet wraps are installed, their eye-catching designs will go wherever your employees go, from build sites to neighborhoods and trade shows. Unlike other forms of advertising that require monthly fees, contracts, and commitments, the initial investment is all that is required.

The type of wrap you choose for your fleet is as customizable as the designs you choose. Though full wraps are certainly effective at grabbing the attention of potential customers, they aren’t the only option. Many business owners choose partial wraps, which only cover a portion of the vehicle. Spot graphics are another option that only cover a small part of the vehicle, similar to decals, though higher quality. One-way vision wraps cover the windows with graphics, and while people on the outside can see the graphics, those inside the vehicle cannot. While they are typically found on buses and larger vehicles, they can be scaled down to trucks and cars, as well.

Fleet wraps are designed to scale to a wide variety of businesses, from large multi-location contractors to small service providers. If you’ve got a business that owns and utilizes vehicles, fleet wrapping can be a successful marketing tool for your business. Common fleet wrap users include:

  • Housekeeping service providers
  • After-school care facilities
  • Repair companies
  • Contractors
  • Home health care providers
  • Restaurants with delivery services
  • Delivery companies
  • Insurance claims adjusters

Ready To Wrap Your Commercial Fleet?

How Can a Fleet Vehicle Wrap Benefit Your Business?

As a business owner, you have many different options when it comes to advertising your business. Mailers are costly and often include discounted products or services. Billboards can be effective, but will only reach drivers that commute on a particular road. Despite your best marketing efforts, emails can easily end up in spam folders, never to be seen or opened.

Fleet wrapping is an effective way to market your business with many benefits. They include:

  • Reaching More Customers — Whether your driver is sitting at a stoplight, parked at a build site, or driving through a neighborhood, potential customers will take notice. Even when a vehicle in your fleet is stuck in traffic, it will still be working by marketing to other cars on the road!
  • Increased Brand Recognition — As people in your community continue to come across your fleet, they’ll become more brand aware. For instance, if your wrapped HVAC vehicle is parked in front of a home, the next time a neighbor’s air conditioner breaks, they’ll have your business in mind. They can even reach out to their own neighbor for reference!
  • Non-Aggressive Approach — Robocalls, emails, and neighborhood canvasing can be effective in spreading your name, but they can also deter people from using your business. Fleet wrapping reaches a wide variety of customers without the need for strong sales tactics or engagement.
  • Cost Effectiveness — Unlike print ads, radio ads, and billboards, there are no ongoing fees with fleet wraps. Once the initial investment is made, that’s it. There are no contracts or commitments to adhere to. Because you’ll reach a larger audience, the return on your investment will be much higher as well, while customer acquisition costs remain low.
  • Easy Customization — Whether you want an eye-popping full wrap or something on a smaller scale, there’s a fleet wrap solution for you. What you include is completely up to you. Keep it simple with your logo and website or customize with patterns, slogans, or even reviews!
  • Vehicle Protection — Vinyl fleet wraps are weather-resistant and will actually protect the paint on your vehicles, reducing the look of overall wear and tear. When you’re ready for something new, the wraps can be removed and replaced without damage to the fleet.

Why Use Brand Command?

When you are looking to wrap your fleet, Brand Command offers the quality, experience, and creativity you need. From start to finish, you’ll work with a dedicated project manager to have open communication every step of the way. We’ll also assist you in designing and selecting captivating designs that meet your goals and match your brand.

Brand Command is dedicated to using the highest quality materials to wrap your fleet. They are designed to be weather resistant and last years, so you can continue to market your business through fleet wrapping well into the future.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that a fleet that is parked is a fleet that can’t provide products and services to your valued customers. For that reason, we ensure that our experts will wrap your vehicles quickly, so they can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Interested in marketing your business by wrapping your fleet? Give us a call at 952-715-9727 for a free quote or click the button below. Our team will work with you to design high quality graphics to reach customers throughout your community every day!

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