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Custom Floor Graphics from Brand Command

Are you wondering how to make the most of the unused space in your business? Consider floor graphics from Brand Command. Our floor graphics are high-quality, attention-grabbing decals that can be integrated into your existing marketing plan, help direct guests to certain locations, or even welcome customers to your store.

Our team of skilled professionals provides outstanding service in crafting a graphic design that is guaranteed to be a success in your area. We provide options for both short-term and long-term graphics, ensuring that you can select the most suitable choice for your needs without causing any harm to your property. Custom floor graphics also offer exceptional versatility, allowing you to switch them up seasonally or use them to promote special sales and events.

We design and install custom floor wraps for businesses throughout Apple Valley, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding areas:

Our expert Brand Command team members will collaborate with you to create a top-notch custom graphic tailored to your space. By incorporating your brand’s persona and style, including its logos and colors, we’ll help you design a cohesive and attractive piece that captures people’s attention. The visual appeal of your design is of utmost importance to us, and we offer a broad range of finishes to ensure that your custom vinyl floor graphic aligns perfectly with your desired outcome.

What are Custom Floor Graphics?

Floor graphics incorporate wording and designs into decals that can be applied directly to the floor or stairs of your business with special adhesives. While people have grown accustomed to overlooking display signs, floor graphics are still effective at catching a customer’s eye, especially those customers that are looking down at their smartphones!

The decals themselves are made of a variety of materials, from vinyl to foil, and the material used is often determined by the type of flooring you have and the size of the graphics you wish to display. They are designed to be durable and stand up to heavy foot traffic, as well.

Ready to have awesome floor graphics created for your business?

How Can Floor Graphics Be Used in Your Business?

By using custom floor graphics in your business space, you can effectively increase sales by promoting products, events, special offers, and more. Brand Command can help captivate your current consumers and grab the attention of new, potential customers. We can even help change the floor graphics out so that they are fresh and relevant to your current needs.

Custom floor graphics are an effective way to promote your business with many benefits:

  • Highlight Promotions While floor graphics are designed for long-term installation, they can also be an effective short-term solution for signage. Use floor graphics to welcome customers with the latest promotions when they walk in the door, or install them near sales displays to be sure customers won’t miss them. When the sale is over, simply remove them with no damage to the floor underneath.

  • Organize Events Whether you are hosting a trade show, a conference, or another large event, it can be challenging for attendees to know where to go. Floor graphics could effectively direct them to key areas, like the check-in desk, areas for breakout sessions, or even restrooms. Best of all, floor graphics can be easily removed with no damage to the floor underneath, making them an ideal solution for temporary events.

  • Provide Valuable Information Whether you want to notify customers that a particular check-out line is a cash only, or you want guests to be prepared with their ID and credit card at the hotel’s check-in desk, floor graphics help people prepare while in line. These spaces are often high-traffic areas, but durable floor graphics will hold up to daily wear while they help your business run more efficiently.

  • Promote Spacing — Financial institutions, medical offices, and pharmacies often encourage guest spacing to maintain privacy. Floor graphics can help by indicating where guests can stand while they wait for the next bank teller or pharmacist.

  • Direct Foot TrafficAt large stores or trade shows, it can be challenging for guests to move throughout a space without hitting a human traffic jam. Floor graphics can easily guide patrons through a space in an ideal pattern. They can also encourage customers to enter less-visited spaces. Graphics applied to stair risers, for instance, could let guests know there’s more to see on the second floor.

  • Increase Sales A successful marketing strategy aims to reach a broad audience since the more people you engage, the more sales you can generate. Custom floor graphics enables you to promote in a number of different ways. Whether it’s a new product or a special sale; floor graphics allow you to brand your entire space to let customers know of your promotions.


Why Use Brand Command?

Whether you are looking for permanent decals for your large retail space or you need a temporary solution to keep a trade show running smoothly, Brand Command is the right partner for the job. Our experienced team of dedicated designers and installers is ready to assist you throughout the process. Our high-quality products will catch your customer’s eye and stand up to heavy foot traffic, as well.

Contact Brand Command today to start utilizing floor space to help inform and organize your customers. We look forward to working with you!

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