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Custom Designed Wallscapes from Brand Command

Need a more creative way to draw attention to your business? Wallscapes provide the visibility of a billboard with the eye-catching graphics of a mural to market your business in a truly unique way. Consider partnering with Brand Command to turn your business’s branding into a memorable work of art.

We provide businesses in the Minneapolis, Apple Valley, St.Paul, and surrounding areas with custom wallscapes & building wraps. Turn your mundane building into a statement that showcases your brand. Whether you need to advertise ongoing specials, announce a new product, or draw in more customers, we can help!

We design our building wraps so they won’t damage any part of your building and can be used as a temporary or permanent solution for whatever your business needs. Let us create custom wallscapes for your business and bring more customers into your doors. At Brand Command we are always learning and adjusting to trends in the market so that we stay on top of the game!

We design custom building wraps for businesses throughout Apple Valley, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding areas:

Our staff is highly-trained and we work with you so that the design we create fits your vision. Our goal is to come up with a cohesive piece that expresses your brand’s authenticity. This includes using your logo and color scheme to generate an attention-grabbing graphic that is visually appeal to your potential customers.

What are Wallscapes?

Imagine seeing your business featured in a multi-story interactive advertisement. In a world where consumers are saturated with advertising on a daily basis, it sometimes takes a little more effort to stand out in the crowd. A wallscape is an outdoor advertising exhibit that transforms a building’s exterior walls into attention-grabbing works of art.

Traditionally, external wall advertising consisted of hand-painted murals, but most wallscapes today are not painted directly onto the building. Instead, they are typically printed onto heavy-duty vinyl or a mesh material, then attached with a strong adhesive or hung from buildings for maximum effect. While many wallscapes are standard advertisements, featuring products, services, or logos, some wallscapes are designed to establish brand awareness in a crowded market.

While the comparisons to billboards are obvious, the two forms of advertising are really quite different. Billboards, for instance, are typically found along roadsides in rural and urban areas. Wallscapes, on the other hand, are ideal for areas where both vehicle and foot traffic are common. Wallscapes are completely customizable, and they can often incorporate the surrounding spaces as well, turning a standard advertisement into a memorable art installation.

Ready to wrap your commercial building with an attention-grabbing wallscape?

How Can Wallscapes Benefit Your Business?

There are many different ways to promote your business. One option that we highly recommend are wallscapes. These awe-inspiring building wraps not only promote your business, but they extend your brand beyond the borders of your interior. Brand Command creates and designs custom commercial wallscapes that draw attention to your business.

Wallscapes are an effective way to market your business. Benefits include:

  • Customization — Whether you want to feature your latest product or create an immersive art experience, Brand Command can create the perfect wallscape for you. While billboards have a set size, with wallscapes, the sky really is the limit. Your art can tower over a busy intersection or extend to the pocket park beneath to create an advertisement that consumers can’t help but notice.

  • Unique Use of Space Wallscapes are ideal for more urban settings, where billboards and other signage are less common. They utilize existing structures like office buildings, parking garages, and even apartments to showcase businesses in interesting ways, and they often have less competition than other forms of outdoor advertising.  

  • Insta-Worthy Graphics Wallscapes are meant to engage the people that pass by. Now that everyone has a camera in their purse, back pocket, or even their hands at all times, it’s understandable that people would take advantage of a creative photo-op. When those photos are shared on social media, you’re able to reach even more people that wouldn’t have interacted with the wallscape otherwise!

  • Long-Term Solution While vinyl or mesh building wraps are designed to be removed easily, they are typically installed for longer periods of time. The material is durable and weather resistant, so it will continue to look new and vibrant as long as it’s in use. When you’re ready to change the design, the wrap can be easily removed with no damage to the building underneath.

Why Use Brand Command?

Want to see your brand’s image soaring across your city’s skyline? Give Brand Command a call. Our dedicated team of designers and installers is ready to walk through the process with you from start to finish. We only work with high-quality materials to ensure your wallscape stands up to the elements and reaches a growing audience.

Contact us today at 952-715-9727 to wrap your building in eye-catching advertising. We look forward to turning your vision into a reality!

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